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This is new addition to our Lake Ramsey News website.  Topics sometimes arise, and discussion ensues,  on the new Nextdoor communications platform, as well as the Yahoo e-mail group (or so I hear, since I'm not involved in that group).  These discussion are filled with questions, speculations, and opinions.  Since I love to do a little digging, a little research, I thought I'd try to address these topics with as much info as I can uncover.  I welcome your questions, and I hope my answers with be helpful.

QUESTION: Are our streets private or public?  What can we do about drivers speeding?

ANSWER: Lake Ramsey streets are private.  When the subdivision was developed, possession was retained by the developer, not turned over to the parish.  For many years, the streets were not well maintained, we had an HOA at one time, but internal "struggles" led to its desolution, via court order.  By the time my husband, Ken, and I arrived in 2003, a new board had arisen, streets were being worked on, and the original gate was about to be installed. A special assessment (permitted in the covenants for capital improvements) of $400 was charged per lot.  The gate helps deter tresspassers into the neighborhood, on the street, and into the lake (on which we purchase liability insurance.) 

The title to the streets, though maintained by the homeowners, was not transferred to the us until just recently; the lake itself and island are also our's.  These issues were (very) sore spots between the HOA Board and the developer, John Mamoulides.  A great deal of money has been, and continues to be, spent on lawyers, negotiating with Mr. Mamoulides for one thing or another.  (Over the years the HOA Board has sometimes been very good at keeping up with all this, sometimes not.) 

So, the streets are private, but in an attempt to stop speeders, the residents, via a petition to the Parish Council in 2006, requested the St. Tammany Sheriff's Department to enter Lake Ramsey,  to enforce a very select set of traffic controls.  (See St. Tammany Parish Ordinance.)  This ordinance is very narrowly defined, addressing "motorized vehicles  . . having (2) or more wheels . . .  . propelled by gas, diesel or electric motor . . . " that are operated on the streets within Lake Ramsey development.   Just recently, the fine for such violations was addressed by the Council, "The Parish Council . . .  adopted an ordinance that sets a flat fine of $75 plus court costs for traffic violations on private roads and in private subdivisions."  (See The Advocate article here.)  If you're having trouble with chronic speeders, residents can contact the Sheriff's office (898-2338), and request a deputy come out to site speeders.

So, I hope this is of help to you.   If you have anything to add, just send it along, same for any new questions (editor@lakeramseynews.com).  So now my friends, get outside, and enjoy another day in (almost) paradise!


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​​​​Lake Ramsey is a community with Restrictive Covenants, a HOA Board, and an annual assessment.  It is highly recommended that all property owners read and understand the governing documents that apply to their property. Each phase's governing documents  are different, make sure you have the specific covenants for the phase in which your property is located.  

Also, it is in your best interest that you do not just take someone's word about what the covenants say.  Board members, as well as GNO (the property management company) have misinterpreted the Covenants, and have exceeded their authority in their dealings with property owners.  Therefore, please, always double check your covenants before you stop or start any projects or activities, or pay any fees.
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