October 19 was the
Annual Meeting

Attached here are the

meeting minutes

for those interested. 

New board members were elected,
only 50 property owners cast ballots.

Ten Commandments of the HOA Board:

1.  Thou shalt love thy neighbor.

2.  Thou shalt not be like god, lording over thy neighbors.

3.  Thou shalt maintain streets, lake health, and gate.
4.  Thou shalt not exceed authority of the Covenants.

5.  Thou shalt possess integrity with HOA finances.

6.  Thou shalt not lie to, nor gossip about, nor harass thy neighbor.

7.   Thou shalt treat all neighbors fairly and without partiality.

8.  Thou shalt work with thy neighbor to resolve conflicts, find compromises.

9.  Thou shalt not sue thy neighbor.

10. Thou shalt love thy neighborhood

The Official "Unofficial" Website

  of Lake Ramsey, Covington, LA

​​​​Tucked away at the end of Lake Ramsey Road, in Covington, Louisiana, lies an adventure in living! Lake Ramsey is a beautiful private neighborhood, pleasantly busy with fishing, boating, cycling, jogging, barbecuing, parties, holiday events and an annual garage sale.  With its eight miles of lake shoreline and one mile of Tchefuncte River shoreline, Lake Ramsey is nearly paradise.  A free flowing Artesian well provides water for home use as well as a source of fresh water for the lake.  This magnificent, serene 500-acre lake is surrounded by the 414-acre Savannah Conservancy and 796-acres Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Management area. 

​​​​Covington, LA

​​​​Lake Ramsey News

November 2019
Run-off info!

Open 5:45- 9 am

and 2-5 pm

Please direct all gate questions to:

David Caldwell   
985-400-5082 / cell 703-595-8980.


Lake Ramsey neighbors, your submissions, for inclusion on this website,are welcome.
Feel free to forward your opinions, "letters to the editor,"
special news, etc.,
especially your photographs, 
for inclusion on our Lake Ramsey  website.

 (Make sure you include your name and address.)  

Lake Ramsey News

Elizabeth Schallenberg, Editor


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